Our team at EFS is central to our work and events, and reflects our core values and ethics. We all act and make decisions with respect for our diverse community at KCL. Our hiring practices also ensure that this diverse community is represented accurately, and takes in consideration diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Loves long walks, volunteering and running.

Joseph Tan


An ambitious individual with a passion to travel.

Kartika Ahuja


Working on 'not sounding German' when speaking English by the time she graduates.

Janina Küblbeck


Noshim is also a slight football fanatic!

Noshim Ahmed

Treasurer &
Head of Mentorship

Enjoys a variety of hobbies in his freetime including cooking, sports and reading. Also loves to explore new places and try out new things.

Ziyang Fu

Vice President &
Head of Corporate

Loves exploring new places, travelling, and working for the the community through volunteering and fundraising.

Karen Salmon

Vice President &
Head of Events

Loves spending time outdoors hiking and with family. Favorite comfort food is Mac and cheese.

Elsa Hammarskiöld

Vice President &
Head of Socials

Chase was born in New York City but spent his childhood growing up in Amsterdam. He's also a big football fan.

Chase Coughlan

Vice President &
Head of Marketing


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California, USA

New York, USA

Pennsylvania, USA

Florida, USA

Quito, Ecuador

Shanghai, China

New Delhi, India

Amritsar, India

Hong Kong



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prague, Czech Republic

Bucharest, Romania

Genoa, Italy

Amsterdam,  Netherlands

Paris, France

London, UK

Munich, Germany

Nicosia, Cyprus

Athens, Greece

Vienna, Austria

Florence, Italy

Dortmund, Germany

Aalborg, Denmark

Sofia, Bulgaria

Stockholm, Sweden

St. Petersburg, Russia

Izmir, Turkey

Cape Town, South Africa