Tamim Bayoumi

Former IFM Deputy Director

A graduate of Cambridge University and Stanford University, Mr Bayoumi is a former Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund, an institution he has been affiliated with for 32 years. Additionally, he was a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, as well as a published author - check out his books here: https://www.waterstones.com/author/tamim-bayoumi/421733

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Pedro Passos Coelho

Former Prime Minister of Portugal

Dr Passos Coelho led the country from 2011 to 2015 during the difficult times of the Troika (IMF, ECB, and the EU Commission) bailout and helped Portugal become an example for other EU countries in terms of its ongoing economic recovery.

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Dr. Pippa Malgrem

Former US Presidential Advisor, Tech Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

Dr. Malmgren is the former Economic Advisor to President George W Bush and the founder and Chairman of Datifly, a firm that advises on the use of drones and UAVs by industry. Before joining the White House, she ran the Trust Asset Management business in Asia, was appointed as the Global Chief Currency Strategist, as well as the Deputy Head of Global Strategy at UBS. She is also a best selling author and has been named one of the Fifty Top Inspiring Women in the UK. Dr. Malmgren received a BS from Mount Vernon College, a M.Sc. and PhD from LSE, as well as completed the Harvard Program on National Security.

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Simon Brewer

Former CIO of Morgan Stanley

Simon Brewer graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in Economic History, and subsequently took the advanced management programme at INSEAD, France. He started his career at Citibank in 1985, as a portfolio manager, before joining Morgan Stanley in 1989. Over the 17 years he spent there, he managed their global balanced portfolio, was Chairman of their European Asset Allocation Committee and Chief Investment Officer. For the last 12 years he has been CEO and an owner of Vantage Investment Advisory Ltd., a senior advisor to the Rothschild, UK, as well as a Governor of the school and Chairman of the Clifton College Development trust. (Source: Clifton College)

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Allison Schrager

Entrepreneur and Journalist, NYU Lecturer

Allison Schrager graduated University of Edinburgh, received a PhD in economics from Columbia University and currently teaches at New York University. She is an economist, journalist at Quartz and co-founder of LifeCycle Finance Partners, LLC, a risk advisory firm. She has also lead retirement product innovation at Dimensional Fund Advisors and consulted to international organisations such as the OECD and IMF.

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Jesse Norman

Financial Secretary to the Treasury & Member of the UK Parliament

Jesse Norman has been an MP for 10 years and during that time he has occupied a range of Cabinet positions and is currently serving as Financial Secretary to the Treasury. Before entering Politics, he was a Director of Barclays and a lecturer in Philosophy at UCL. He is also an Oxford graduate and a well-established author in the fields of economics and politics.

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Tom Elliott

Former J.P.Morgan Executive Director & Global Strategist

A visiting lecturer to King's College London, Tom Elliot was executive director and global strategist within the Investment Marketing Team at J.P. Morgan Asset Management until 2013. He was responsible for investment communications through the Guide to the Markets suite of products. He was working at J.P Morgan since 1995, he worked in the Global Multi-Asset Group (GMAG) until 2006 and before that he was head of the Investment Writing Team.

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Roger Bootle

Former HSBC Chief Economist

Roger Bootle is Chairman of Capital Economics, Europe's largest macroeconomic consultancy, and a columnist for The Daily Telegraph. He and Capital Economics were awarded the Wolfson Economics Prize in 2012. He also authored Financial Times's Best Economics Book for 2019 - "The AI Economy".

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Rita Kakati-Shah

Founder and CEO of Uma

A former King's College London student, Rita Kakati Shah launched a 10-year career in investment banking after her summer internship at Goldman Sachs. After moving to the healthcare industry, Rita took a career break, which lead her to experiencing the difficulties of resuming a professional career. This inspired her to establish Uma, designed to help individuals return to work after a career break. Not only does her business enjoy a growing presence in London, New York and San Francisco, but Rita herself is a well-established speaker and common adviser to Fortune 500 companies.

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George Magnus

Former UBS Chief Economist

Formerly Chief Economist of UBS, George Magnus is a research associate at Oxford University China Centre and at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. He is the author of 'Red Flags: Why Xi’s China is in Jeopardy’. He has written extensively about China in the Financial Times, Prospect, and other economic and financial publications.

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Paul Greatbatch

Former Partner of Genesis Investment Management

A visiting lecturer to King's College London, Paul Greatbatch was a Partner of Genesis Investment Management from 1994 to 2013. He was one of the oldest specialist managers operating in the Emerging Markets, including the CCE region, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and India. During this period, assets under his management rose from $800 million to almost $40 billion, comprising mainly global portfolios managed on behalf of leading private and official sector institution.

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Dr. Ha-Joon Chang

Cambridge Economist

Dr. Ha-Joon Chang is currently a reader in the Political Economy of Development at the Faculty of Economics at University of Cambridge. In 2013, Prospect magazine ranked him as one of the Top 20 World Thinkers. He served as a consultant to the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, as well as to Oxfam and various United Nations agencies. His international recognition is established by prizes such as the 2005 Wassily Leontief Prize in Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought. He is also a fellow at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. Other notable publications include Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism (2008), 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism (2010).

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Sir Paul Tucker

Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England

Sir Paul Tucker is a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and chair of the Systemic Risk Council. He was a central banker and regulator at the Bank of England, as well as the Bank for International Settlements for more than thirty years. He is an established author of 'Unelected Power: The Quest for Legitimacy in Central Banking and the Regulatory State'.

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Dr. Rebecca Harding

Co-founder and CEO at Equant-Analytics, Former Head of Corporate Research at Deloitte

Dr. Harding is the co-founder and CEO of Equant-Analytics, a data-led consultancy specialising in trade finance. Before Equant-Analytics, she was the Chief Economist for the British Bankers’ Association, Head of Research and Strategy at Deloitte, as well as an advisor for governments. She was also nominated for the Influential Women in FinTech 2017 and is frequently cited in the Broadsheet press, including the Financial Times and the Economist.

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Augusto Lopez-Claros

Former Director of Research at World Bank & Editor at IMF and G20

Mr Lopez Claros, former director of research at World Bank and co-editor of IMF and G20, studied Mathematical Statistics in Cambridge University, as well as a PhD in Economics in Duke University. He served as Chief Economist and Director of the Global Competitiveness Program at the World Economic Forum in Geneva. Prior to joining the IMF, he was a Professor of Economics at the University of Chile in Santiago.

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David Henig

Director of the UK Trade Policy Project at European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)

David Henig is a leading expert on the development of UK Trade Policy post Brexit, in 2017 he co-founded the UK Trade Forum, which brings together UK trade policy experts to debate these issues. Before government, he had a career in consulting and business development, as well as graduated from Oxford University.

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Andy Haldane

Chief Economist at the Bank of England

One of the most renowned economists of his generation, Andy is also Executive Director for Monetary Analysis, Research and Statistics, and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee. Mr. Haldane co-founded a charity "Pro Bono Economics", which aims to persuade economists to donate their time and expertise to help charities on a pro bono basis. In 2014 he was named by Time Magazine as amongst the world's 100 most influential people.

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John Davie

Chairman of Altra Capital

John Davie is the current chairman of Altra Capital Ltd and advisor to The Lord Mayor of The City of London's Office on PPP. He has worked in Public Private Partnerships as an advisor, practitioner and teacher in over 75 countries , thus has gained global expertise in this field.

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Stephen D. King

Former Chief Economist at HSBC & current Senior Economic Advisor at HSBC

Before becoming a corporate economic advisor, Stephen D. King a member of the UK government Asia Task Force from 2010 to 2014. Stephen D. King became part of the Financial Times team as he joined ‘Exchange’ - a platform that provides agenda-setting commentary from leading policy-makers, academics, and writers.

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Jan Mühlfeit

Former European Chairman of Microsoft Corporation & Best Selling Author

Jan Mühlfeit spent 22 years at the Microsoft Corporation, where he served in various executive positions. He acts as an advisor to several governmental organisations, such as the World Economic Forum and the European Commission. In 2016, he published his best-selling book: 'The Positive Leader: How Energy and Happiness Fuel Top-Performing Teams'. He also teaches his courses worldwide to many prominent companies, as well as acts as a coach and mentor to business executives and Olympic game-winners.

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