EFS Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022


This is your chance to join King’s largest economics and finance oriented society!


It has been another amazing year for the EFS but we must begin sourcing new prospective committee members for the next academic year! Come and attend our AGM to vote for next year’s committee or apply for a position yourself!

This year we are adapting our election format and members can now apply and vote through the KCLSU website

We are however still giving each candidate the opportunity to present (max. 5 mins) to the committee/members at the AGM! The presentation should include why you believe you are fit for the role and things like who you are, any past experience, your vision for the society and what you hope to achieve in the role.

The meeting will be held online on the the 25th of April, the first day of voting, and anyone running or voting should attend. EFS Members can sign up with the form below to receive the invitation to the meeting.


Open positions:


  1. Chairperson

    • Focus on external relationships (incl. oversight of Corporate Relations Department)

    • Management of society together with President

    • Leading meetings

    • Hosting events

  2. President

    • Internal focus (internal operations, timelines) 

    • Represent EFS within KCL (KCLSU, DPE, other societies)

    • Management of society together with Chairperson

    • Leading meetings

    • Hosting events

  3. Vice President

    • Overseeing Mentorship division

    • Organisation of applications to awards

    • Helping out/ Taking responsibility where needed

    • Hosting events 

    • King’s Business Network and similar

  4. Secretary

    • Administration (Slack groups, organisation google drive, oversees emails)

    • Organisational background behind meetings (sending out links, communication/ coordination)

    • Minutes

    • Reports on Society statistics (close contact to KCLSU)

  5. Treasurer

    • Oversees all finances of the society

    • (Monthly) reports

    • In close contact with KCLSU and DPE

    • Managing subscriptions (zoom)

  6. Head of Corporate Relations

    • Delegation of the CR division 

    • Redesign sponsorship brochure and research different sponsorship avenues

    • Create a comprehensive list of target Sponsors by late April/Early May

    • Ensure that we are able to pitch to 3 firms for sponsorship

    • Research and find successful societies who have had success with sponsorship and liaise with them

    • Relationship management with other societies

  7. Head of Marketing

    • Managing all platforms

    • Delegating the creation of content

    • In close contact with all other divisions 

    • Has to be very responsive and creative

  8. Head of Events

    • Delegation of Events division

    • Responsible for the organisation of events (career and academic)

  9. Head of Social Events

    • Delegation of the Social Events division

    • Responsible for the organisation of social events such as the winterball, doggy destress or an inter-university social​​

  10. Head of Mentorship

    • Delegation of the Mentorship division

    • Organisation and Management of the EFS Mentorship Scheme - securing both mentors and mentees and arranging meetings for them.

The meeting will take place on zoom. Only EFS paid members are eligible to vote or run for these positions. You must be a current student at King's College London to apply for any position.

2022/2023 EFS Elections

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